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Review of George Karanastasis’ “How To Get Her Back For Good”

How To Get Her Back bookWhen my girlfriend broke up with me in 2007, How To Get Her Back For Good was the first guide I had ever bought in my quest to get her back.

In the book, George Karanastasis lays out a guide for men to follow based on not just his study and understanding of human interpersonal relationships and the fact that he helped over 1200 men but also draws on his own personal experience with a breakup he had with his significant other.

The guide is strictly for men and his focused, paint by numbers guide beats most other relationship repair guides that are written for both sexes.

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The Magic of Making Up Review

Magic of Making Up book coverIf you’ve searched for a solution for mending your relationship, you’ve probably came across The Magic of Making Up.

It’s a popular relationship repair guide for a good reason and I’m going to tell you why it works in this review of the Magic of Making Up.

The Magic of Making Up was written by T.W. Jackson. After reading the 62 page guide, I was able to get a better understanding of how relationships work and how to go about saving a relationship.

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5 Great Date Night Movies for Romance

date night watching moviesSometimes life can be hectic and while movies aren’t always the perfect date night activity, the DVD player and some take-out from your favorite restaurant can do the trick quite nicely.

Of course, you’ll need to have the right date night movies to set the proper tone.

Instead of going out and getting the latest Redbox blockbuster, consider any of these 5 old standards.

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Should You Even Try To Win Your Ex Back?

Should I?One of the biggest questions on your mind since the break up happened has been “how do I get my ex back?”

I have been there and I can remember asking the same question to myself over and over again. In fact, this was the only thing on my mind for weeks after the break up.

It’s quite understandable. Depending on how long you’ve been together, you’ve shared a lot of your life. It’s tough to just walk away and act as if it never happened.

The odds are good that your ex is in exactly the same position as you and isn’t walking away unaffected either. The only difference is that your ex has been thinking about this for a while and has likely prepared for the break up in terms of the emotional side of things. People don’t just walk away from long-termed relationships on a whim.

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Flirting 101: Drive Your Man Wild With or Without Words

whispered flirtIn the days when you both had just met and began dating, flirting came like second nature to you. Almost every bat of your eyelashes, tilt of your head, twirl of your hair and every word you uttered was some form of flirtation.

Flirting was the language of the day whether the intention was out of sheer playfulness or you were just being subtly seductive. And what an effective language it was!

As time went by, the flirting ways slowly simmered. It’s possible that you felt confident in your “catch” or maybe you simply thought you would move beyond the playful beginnings into a more serious and mature relationship.

But why?

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