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How To Do No Contact After A Breakup

Telephone receiverThe No Contact rule is very important when you are going through a break up. If only it was that easy.

No contact is usually hard when you keep thinking about your ex. You start to wonder whether they miss you, what they’re doing (or getting into) and who they’re doing it with.

Before you know it you’re dialing your ex’s number and at the same time rationalizing your need for contact.

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7 Things You Shouldn’t Do (That Will Have Your Ex Running Away)


You’ve just been told that it’s over. Maybe you saw the signs that it was coming to an end but now it’s all real.

You’re starting to feel a lot of emotions – confused, hurt, desperation, disbelief. And then it happens. You get out of control and start making one or more or even all of the mistakes you shouldn’t make when faced with a breakup.

It seems logical to you that your actions would work at the moment to fix things but in actuality they only make things worse.

So what are these 7 things that you shouldn’t do that will most likely convince your ex that he/she did the right thing?

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“Desperate To Get My Ex Back”

Conflicted girlAre you feeling a little desperate to get your ex back?

Breaking up with someone who you’ve bonded with and grown very close to is never easy.

It’s like losing a part of you. Its natural to feel desperate to get back with that special someone but it isn’t the right state of mind in which you should be if you ever want to get back with your ex.

The reason for this is simple.

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