How To Get Your Ex To Return Your Calls

girl on phoneYour ex apparently doesn’t want to talk to you when they don’t return your phone calls. But is it really their fault?

Ok, lets not play the blaming game here but you may be asking, “how do I get my ex to return my phone calls?” Or maybe even text & instant messages.

First you need to know what not to do…which is where most people go wrong.

There are two basic mistakes most people make when they’re trying to get their ex to return their calls.

  1. Pleading – “Hi John, its Tina. Please, please call me back. This is the third time I’m calling. I need to talk to you, ok.”
  2. The Emergency – “Hi Michelle, this is an emergency. I need to talk to you as soon as possible. Call me when you get this.”

I’m sure you can see why those don’t work. Besides looking needy by begging you also look desperate. And you had better have an emergency that’s life threatening if your ex does call you back with the second one.

Now before I give you the magic words that would get your ex to call you back, I must warn you that this could backfire and put you in a much deeper mess if you don’t have a complete strategy.

You can find a complete plan of action outlined in The Magic of Making Up.

So the way this works is you’re going to use two of the most powerful forces in the human mind that would make people take action…

Curiosity & Self Interest

When you use this winning combination it works like magic. And it works nearly every time.

Here’s what you do.

In a friendly tone you say:

“Hi John, its Tina. I want to let you know that I appreciate what you did for me. Call me because I want to thank you in person.”

Can you see it? Curiosity and self interest right there.

John’s gonna be like,”What did I do?” – That’s curiosity.

They’ll feel good because it was a positive message – self interest.

Your ex won’t be able to resist calling you back. Its almost like casting a spell.

But before you call you have to do the ‘set up’ which is having that small thing that they did for you which you appreciate. It can be any small thing but it has to be worth it but most importantly you must have a complete strategy like I said before.

The Magic of Making Up has a great strategy that you can use with this technique. What you do before, during and after calling your ex is more important than getting your ex to return your calls.

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