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What To Know Before Getting Back Together With an Ex

get back togetherDeanna Pai share’s a story with The Cut about how her college boyfriend broke up with her but they later met again after years apart.

After inviting him to be her plus one to a wedding, he accepted and it was the start of their second go at a relationship which had the potential to be something much more than the first.

In this story, we learn some things about what you should know before getting back together with an ex.

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Should You Even Try To Win Your Ex Back?

Should I?One of the biggest questions on your mind since the break up happened has been “how do I get my ex back?”

I have been there and I can remember asking the same question to myself over and over again. In fact, this was the only thing on my mind for weeks after the break up.

It’s quite understandable. Depending on how long you’ve been together, you’ve shared a lot of your life. It’s tough to just walk away and act as if it never happened.

The odds are good that your ex is in exactly the same position as you and isn’t walking away unaffected either. The only difference is that your ex has been thinking about this for a while and has likely prepared for the break up in terms of the emotional side of things. People don’t just walk away from long-termed relationships on a whim.

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Is Now The Right Time To Get Back Together With Your Ex?

back togetherIf you’re thinking about getting back with your ex, this can be some-what of a theme that has been occupying your mind over and over again.

You’ve thought about getting back together with your ex in that time period immediately following the break up.

No one likes being dumped and it certainly sucks when you feel as though you have no control over what’s going on in your life. You feel quite powerless and at the mercy of your own emotions. To put it simply, it hurts.

These aren’t good feelings. Add these to the broken heart you’re suffering from and the pain may seem unbearable.

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Warning Signs of a Break Up

unhappy coupleYou don’t need a fortune teller to tell you when your relationship is getting stale.

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you may have started to see the signs and your intuition tells you that something is wrong.

There are lots of warning signs of a break up and if you can pick them up, you won’t have to say that you didn’t see it coming. It will also give you a chance to fix things before they get out of hand.

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If You Want Something Let It Go…

Letting go

Today’s blog post is going to be really short. Just something to think about.

I just saw this quote on a forum and it got me thinking… Isn’t this the same concept you should be following in order to get your ex back?

Here’s the quote:

If you want your ball to bounce back first you have to throw it away real hard.

Just think about that for a second.

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