“Desperate To Get My Ex Back”

Conflicted girlAre you feeling a little desperate to get your ex back?

Breaking up with someone who you’ve bonded with and grown very close to is never easy.

It’s like losing a part of you. Its natural to feel desperate to get back with that special someone but it isn’t the right state of mind in which you should be if you ever want to get back with your ex.

The reason for this is simple.

Being desperate can usually lead to undesirable behavior such as stalking, calling all the time, professing your undying love for someone etc. all of which says that you’re needy.

The last thing your ex wants is to see you being needy. Subconsciously, this tells your ex that they have all the power to make whatever decision they want and someone with a more positive outlook will more than likely get their attention.

People Want What They Can’t Have

You know the saying, people always want what they can’t have? Well, its true.

Being desperate takes all the challenge away for your ex and makes it too easy for them to get back into your life.

So instead of being desperate to get back with your ex, try playing hard to get. Not that hard that you push them away but hard enough to create a challenge for them.

Playing hard to get will let your ex know that you have a life and the world doesn’t revolve around them. Even though you’re eager to get back with your ex, they wouldn’t know and this is a good enough challenge in itself for them as they become confused and likely curious wondering if you’re still interested.

Of course, show your ex just enough interest for them to always keep wanting you the way you want them.

In The Magic of Making Up, TW Jackson lets you know when you will know the right time to take your ex back. Don’t jump the gun because you feel desperate, play a little hard to get and you’ll have your ex confused and curious about you.

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