Review of George Karanastasis’ “How To Get Her Back For Good”

How To Get Her Back bookWhen my girlfriend broke up with me in 2007, How To Get Her Back For Good was the first guide I had ever bought in my quest to get her back.

In the book, George Karanastasis lays out a guide for men to follow based on not just his study and understanding of human interpersonal relationships and the fact that he helped over 1200 men but also draws on his own personal experience with a breakup he had with his significant other.

The guide is strictly for men and his focused, paint by numbers guide beats most other relationship repair guides that are written for both sexes.

Will How To Get Her Back For Good Help You?

The way in which How To Get Her Back For Good is different from most relationship repair books is that George understands that every relationship is different. Every relationship has different circumstances so there needs to be different approaches to solving the problem.

It doesn’t matter if:

  • you were in a long term relationship
  • in a short term relationship
  • in an ultra short term relationship
  • she cheated on you
  • you cheated on her
  • you have kids
  • you have a pet
  • you work together
  • etc

George doesn’t give you an all-in-one solution for fixing your relationship. Instead, depending on what your situation is (as in the examples above), there is a plan of action that you must take to repair your relationship.

For instance, part of the solution for most couples will include  doing no contact and for others, limited contact in cases where you share a home or work together.

After reading How To Get Her Back For Good, you’ll immediately understand why your breakup happened and depending on your situation you’ll have the necessary plan of action to go get your girl back.

Without understanding the psychology behind the relationship you wouldn’t have the mindset to put into action the methods he lays out for getting your girlfriend back.

George’s book also demonstrates through the use of case studies how his methods have worked for others and how you can go about implementing them easily. These methods aren’t based on tricks, manipulation or mind games. Instead they’re based on good ol’ fashioned human behavior and psychology ensuring that they will provide more than just a temporary fix for your situation.

If you’re a guy who values your relationship and really want to get that special girl back in your arms then I highly recommend How To Get Her Back for Good.

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