The Magic of Making Up Review

Magic of Making Up book coverIf you’ve searched for a solution for mending your relationship, you’ve probably came across The Magic of Making Up.

It’s a popular relationship repair guide for a good reason and I’m going to tell you why it works in this review of the Magic of Making Up.

The Magic of Making Up was written by T.W. Jackson. After reading the 62 page guide, I was able to get a better understanding of how relationships work and how to go about saving a relationship.

Jackson himself appeared to know a lot about the psychology behind the human mind as it pertains to relationships and is able to give practical advice for repairing a broken relationship in a very down to earth and caring manner.

Can The Magic of Making Up Help You Get Your Ex Back?

While getting your ex back is the goal of The Magic of Making Up, it also serves as a guide to preserving your interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex.

In the intro to the guide, Jackson summarizes in just a few paragraphs what the Magic of Making Up will cover.

First, we are going to discover the most common, but hidden reason why lovers leave. The core reasons! It is crucial you understand these reasons, it is because of these reasons that relationships are severed. It is like trying to work a jig saw puzzle in the dark if you don’t understand these “love principles”. This is the “Understanding” stage.

Next, we are going to work on “getting your head on straight”. Okay? You just can NOT attract someone back when you are depressed, angry or being extremely needy.

Then we are going to take a further look into YOUR relationship (Assess) and work a PROVEN plan, using methods and techniques that win back hearts!

This is all you really need to get a better handle on your relationship whether or not it’s with an ex or you’re currently just having problems and on the verge of a break up.

Below, I take a closer look at what’s in The Magic of Making Up so you can decide for yourself whether or not it can help you.

An Inside Look at The Magic of Making Up

In the 8 chapters of The Magic of Making Up, T.W. Jackson breaks down how you can go about repairing your relationship. This can be summarized in 4 major stages:

  1. The “Understanding” stage
  2. Getting Your Head On Straight
  3. The “Assessment” Stage
  4. Working the Plan

Chapter 1: Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended (And Why It’s Not Over Just Yet)

In the first chapter, Jackson starts where every relationship repair guide should start – helping you to understand the inner workings of a breakup – why men & women leave and why getting back together is possible. This is a crucial chapter and after reading it, you begin to see the possibilities and even start figuring stuff out on your own.

Chapter 2: Your Key To Winning Back Their Love (Getting Your Head On Straight)

In this chapter, Jackson goes into the second stage – getting your head on straight – which tackles the panic and desperation you might be experiencing at this point and gives practical advice that is a necessary set up for the other two stages.

Also in the chapter, you’ll find the Fast Forward technique, a simple routine you can use to manage your feelings. Says Jackson about the Fast Forward technique:

The Fast Forward Technique has many uses, but one of the best is for getting over the pain of loss. If you commit to performing this three times a day at least, you will be amazed.

You can get a preview of the Fast Forward technique (also known as the Calm Mind technique) by scrolling half way down on the Magic of Making Up page where you’ll find a video of Jackson explaining the technique.

Chapter 3: Removing the Splinter In Your Relationship

Chapter 3 goes right into the Assessment stage of things where you take a closer look at your relationship. You’ll learn how to correctly assess a relationship that you want to save and prepare yourself for the plan. This is also the stage where you can logically decide whether you should reconcile or move on.

Chapter 4: Reigniting the Spark and the Passion (The Plan)

In T.W. Jackson’s plan, you won’t find any tricks and manipulation techniques that only work for a short period of time. Jackson’s plan is a long term plan for making your relationship stronger than ever, with practical and doable advice that will help strengthen the bond with your other half.

This plan takes you back to the beginning of your relationship, the point where most relationships are the strongest and shows you how to recapture that moment.

Chapter 5 & 6 are extensions of The Plan – like how dating other people can help get back your ex and how to ease back into your relationship to make your love stronger than before. Chapter 6 is a great chapter if you’re married and faced with a divorce.

Chapter 7: Maintaining the Love without Bringing Up Old Wounds and Arguments

The Magic of Making Up isn’t just about getting your ex back. After getting back with your ex, it’s easy to get comfortable again and destroy your relationship once more. In this chapter, Jackson gives practical advice on how to maintain the love once you’ve reconciled.

This is a very important part of the guide – without this chapter it would be pointless trying to get your ex back – like following a treasure map to find the chest is empty.

Chapter 8: When Your Relationship Can’t Be Saved – Moving on with Grace

Finally, in the last chapter, The Magic of Making Up deals with reality. Some relationships just cannot be saved. Your partner may be happy in another relationship and nothing you do will convince them to give that up.

It doesn’t mean that the plan hasn’t worked. In fact, if you did everything in the guide, you’d now be a much better person going forward when it comes to relationships. This chapter will show you how to move on with your dignity intact.


Is the Magic of Making Up right for you? Can it help you get your ex back?

No one can make that promise. I do however know for a fact, that after reading and applying the techniques in Magic of Making Up, you will be a better person. And as a better person, you put yourself in the position for getting another shot at your broken relationship and build it stronger than before.

Most relationship repair guides go too deep into the psychology of the break up and reads like a boring college essay while others don’t go into it enough so that you can understand what is going on.

I’m not saying that The Magic of Making Up is perfect but it has the right balance of psychology (let’s you understand what went wrong etc.) and practical advice to get you in the right frame of mind for having a second go at your relationship.

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