What To Know Before Getting Back Together With an Ex

get back togetherDeanna Pai share’s a story with The Cut about how her college boyfriend broke up with her but they later met again after years apart.

After inviting him to be her plus one to a wedding, he accepted and it was the start of their second go at a relationship which had the potential to be something much more than the first.

In this story, we learn some things about what you should know before getting back together with an ex.

1. It’s common for people who have been apart for years to rekindle their relationships.

These relationships have one great advantage. You already know that you’re attracted to the other person. Plus you don’t have to learn much about them because you already know so much.

You know their strengths and weaknesses and they know yours also.

2. You can learn from your mistakes.

After spending a while apart, you can learn from your mistakes, date and learn from other people and grow as a person by understanding who you are and what you really want.

Sometimes, growing as a person can make you realize that your ex may not be the person you want to be with and this can help you understand and heal from a breakup.

If this isn’t the case though, you have to consider what has changed about the both of you and discuss these changes so you can move forward.

3. “Keep talking and see how things go”.

You don’t want to rush back into a relationship with someone who you’ve lost before otherwise you could risk losing them a second time.

It’s best to just keep talking and see where things go from there. It helps to prevent you from getting back together for the wrong reasons.

In the end you have to realize that not every second time around works out. There is a reason why you broke up and you’ll have to accept this fact and be prepared to move on instead of being obsessed with being with this one person.

Check out the article from The Cut to read the story and the lessons that you can learn from it.

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